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Ed Martin (founder and former President) and his wife were missionaries. They returned from three tours of duty in Japan with New Tribe Missions to begin a work that would bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to prison inmates around the world. Since the death of her husband, Alfreda was named to take his place. She is the author of our Bible Study course.

Garry Sims (Director of Hope Aglow) was an inmate who gave his life to the Lord while behind bars. After his release from an Alabama prison, he entered the ministry. During his formal education at Liberty Baptist College, Garry began doing volunteer work for Hope Aglow and soon became a member of the staff. 


Mr. Sims realizes that it is important to follow up on the inmates and help them to become active members of a Christian Community contributing to society.

Garry Sims visits on a personal basis, in order to take an inmate where he is, and bring him to a fuller understanding of God's word.


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