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Lesson 9 -- Salvation -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Nine

Have you completed the Review in Memory work assigned at the beginning of this Lesson? Yes No. If "No", please take the time to do it NOW.
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1. GOD hates SIN, but loves ALL Sinners. Yes 
2. When did GOD begin planning for our Salvation? After Man Sin 
Before Man Sinned
3. The Wages of Sin is Death, both Physical and Spiritual. Yes 
4. In what language is Righteousness written, "A LAMB Over Me"? Spanish 
5. CHRIST was born of a Virgin, so that HE would not inherit ADAM'S sinful Nature. True 
6. "JESUS" is "CHRIST'S" Heavenly Name. True 
7. "CHRIST" is HIS Earthly Name. True 
8. SALVATION is not in a Religion, but in the Person JESUS CHRIST. Yes 
9. Did CHRIST die for the Sins of the whole World? Yes 
10. How is this great SALVATION made personal? By studying about it 
By going to CHURCH 
By being Baptized 
By receiving JESUS CHRIST into One's heart as personal SAVIOUR.
 Have You Received Jesus Christ as Your Personal Saviour?
 Yes No
Congratulations!  You've completed 
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