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Lesson 8 -- Hell -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Eight

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1. Hell was made for the Devil and the fallen Angels. True 
2. What did we all inherit from ADAM and EVE? An upright Nature 
A fallen Nature 
3. Children who die before the age of accountability, will go to Heaven. Yes 
4. CHRIST died for our sins and keeps us from going to HELL. True 
5. Hell is the Place of literal burning fire. Yes 
6. Hell is a Place of no torment. True 
7. There is not a drop of _________ in Hell. Food 
8. Where do Unsaved People go at Death? The Grave 
9. Is there a second chance to turn to CHRIST and repent after Death? Yes 
10. The Eternal separation of the Unsaved from GOD for Eternity, is called? Soul Sleep 
Second Death
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