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Lesson 5 -- Satan - The Devil -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Five

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1. What was the name of Satan before his sin and fall? Gabriel 
2. Did Satan come into Existence as a beautiful created Angel? True 
3. Who did he want to become? God Himself 
a Human Being 
an Animal Being
4. How much power does Satan have? No Power 
Limited Power 
power next to God
5. For his sin of pride and rebellion, he became Satan and was case-out of the 3rd Heaven, GOD's Abode. Yes 
6. What is his Title now? Lucifer 
Satan(the devil)
7. Satan is now the Prince of the power of the Air, and is trying to keep people from getting saved; and hindering Christians from living for CHRIST? True 
8. Does he hinder Christians trying to live the Christian life? Yes 
9. What will be the final end of Satan, that old Devil? He will die 
He will repent 
He will be cast into the bottomless pit for 1,000 yrs, then finally be cast into Hell forever.
10. How can we have victory over Satan in our lives today? By resisting Satan by staying close to GOD THROUGH Bible-reading and prayer and having fellowship with other Christians. True 
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