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Lesson 4 -- Angels -- Test
Answer the questions. Before you print this page make
sure that all of your answers are clearly visible in answer boxes.
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 Questions to Lesson Four

Have you completed the Review in Memory work assigned at the beginning of this Lesson? Yes No. If "No", please take the time to do it NOW.
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1. Angels came into being by a creative act of GOD? True 
2. Was the creation of angels before or after the creation of man? Before 
3. Are angels active in our age today? Yes 
4. Angles do no marry because they are sexless beings? Correct 
5. Do angels have wings and a halo? Yes 
6. How do angels usually appear in the Bible (what form do they take)? a spirit form 
a human form 
an animal form
7. Do Christians and children become angels at death? Yes 
8. Does each Christian have his or her own angel? Yes 
9. Angels are sons of GOD by Creation. Christians are Sons of God by Redemption? True 
10. Angles are Super-Natural beings, made a little________Man. lower than Man 
higher than Man 
equal to Man
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