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(1) Angels are created beings, created before the (Gen. 1:1) account of creation. 

(2) Angels are Supernatural Beings made a little higher than men. 

(3) Angels are called "ministering spirits" - and are active in Heaven and Earth in this age. 

(4) Angels can take on the form of human bodies; and appear and disappear at will. 

(5) Angels are sexless ­ and do not marry. 

(6) Angels are the sons of GOD by creation. 

(7) Angels do not have wings and a halo. 

(8) At death, Christians do not become angels. 

(9) Angels play a great part in the "End Times," as revealed in the Book of Revelation. 

(10) There are fallen Angels, who left their first estates. 

(11) Each Child of God has his or her own Angel. 

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