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Lesson 3 -- Creation -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Three

Have you completed the Review in Memory work assigned at the beginning of this Lesson? Yes No. If "No", please take the time to do it NOW.
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1. How was the Heaven and the Earth created? With a big bang 
by Evolution 
by a Creative Act of God
2. Were Plant-life, Animal-life, Human-life, brought about simultaneously or by separate Creative Acts of God? simultaneously 
Seperate Creative Acts of God
3. What does the word Create mean? Make from something 
Make from nothing
4. How many heavens are there? Two 
5. Animals were brought about by separate Creative Act of God; they did not evolve from a lower Species? True 
6. What does the triangle illustrate? Animals 
The Triune God 
The Heavens
7. There is ONE GOD manifested in Three. All are Co-Equal in Power, Wisdom, etc.? True 
8. Why was man made in the image of GOD? because Man has a physical body 
because Man stands upright 
because Man has body, soul, and spirit
9. Man was created with intelligence. Animals only have instinct? True 
10-A. What was imparted by God directly to Man? Health 
10-B. Can the Spirit of Man ever die? Yes 
Congratulations!  You've completed 
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