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Lesson 1 -- The Bible -- Test
Answer the questions. Before you print this page make
sure that all of your answers are clearly visible in answer boxes.
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  Questions to Lesson One

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1. The Bible is the GOD-breathed Message of God to man? True 
2. The entire Bible contains how many books? 27 66 
50 40
3. The central theme of the entire Bible is the Cross upon which CHRIST died to redeem sinful humanity? True 
4. Approximately how many men wrote the Bible? 66 27
5. The Old Testament was written before the Coming of CHRIST? True 
6. The Bible contains the Word of God? True 
7. The New Testament was written after the birth, death and Resurrection of CHRIST? True 
8. The 40 or so men who wrote the Bible were inspired by GOD HIMSELF? True 
9. The New Testament points forward to the Coming of CHRIST? True 
10. The Atheists have been able to destroy the Bible? True 
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