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Lesson 16 -- Rewards -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Sixteen

Have you completed the Review in Memory work assigned at the beginning of this Lesson? Yes No. If "No", please take the time to do it NOW.
Have you completed the above-mentioned work? Yes No



1. Can a "GIFT" be earned? Yes 
2. Can a "REWARD" be earned? Yes 
3. Christians will receive their "REWARDS" in- Heaven 
4. Where does a Christian earn "REWARDS"? Earth 
5. Christians will receive their "REWARDS" at- The Great White Throne Judgement 
The Judgement Seat Of Christ
6. Will all Christians receive "REWARDS"? Yes 
7. What People will take part in the GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT? Saved 
8. How many Crowns can Christians earn?

9. Christians who do not live a GODLY Life here on earth, shall suffer Loss and be ashamed at the "COMING of CHRIST'". True 
10. All Christians should be watching and waiting for JESUS CHRIST'S RETURN to "RAPTURE THE CHURCH". Yes 
Congratulations!  You've completed 
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