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Lesson 13 -- The Christian Life -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Thirteen

Have you completed the Review in Memory work assigned at the beginning of this Lesson? Yes No. If "No", please take the time to do it NOW.
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1. The Name "CHRISTIAN" means- A small Child 
You have been Baptized 
CHRIST'S "little One"
2. You receive a New Nature when you become a Christian. True 
3. Is the Old Nature done away, when we are Saved? Yes 
4. By whose power can we have Victory over Satan and Sin? By our own Strength 
Through the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT
5. The HOLY SPIRIT enables us to understand the Bible. True 
6. What 3 things are necessary for One to become a strong Christian? Physical Exercise 
Eating proper foods 
Bible Study 
Watching T.V. 
Fellowship with other Christians
7. Can a Christian sin after being Saved? Yes 
8. Does a Christian lose his Salvation when he sins? Yes 
9. What must be done to restore fellowship? Nothing 
Change Churches 
Confess our sins and get back into the WORD
10. It is important to join a local church, because we need the fellowship and help of other Believers. True 
Congratulations!  You've completed 
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