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Lesson 12 -- The Church -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Twelve

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1. What is the true Meaning of the word "CHURCH"? A building 
A large cathedral 
A called-out Body of Believers
2. The "true Church" is made up of every "Born-Again" Believer, regardless of Race or Location. True 
3. There has to be a large Group of people to make-up a "Church." True 
4. What are the 2 Ordinances of the "Church"? Baptism 
Going to "Church" 
Taking Communion, "THE LORD'S Supper" 
5. "Baptism" pictures the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of CHRIST. True 
6. Does "Baptism" save you? Yes 
7. "Baptizo" means "going under", as in Immersion. True 
8. The two-fold Events pictured in the "LORD"S SUPPER", are the LORD'S Death, and HIS future Return to earth. True 
9. Who should participate in the "LORD"S SUPPER"? Everyone 
Only Adults 
Only "Born Again" people
10. The BIBLE, warns us not to come to the LORD'S Table, with unconfessed Sin in our hearts and lives. True 
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