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Lesson 11 -- The Holy Spirit -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Eleven

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1. In the "TRINITY", is the HOLY SPIRIT equal to GOD the FATHER and GOD the SON? Yes 
2. Why should the HOLY SPIRIT always be referred to as HE? Because HE is a Person. Because He is ONE of the GODHEAD. True 
3. When did the HOLY SPIRIT come to earth? 100 days after CHRIST'S Resurrection 
50 days after CHRIST'S Resurrection 
Just before CHRIST returned to Heaven
4. The Word "PENTECOST" means 50th. True 
5. What did the HOLY SPIRIT do in connection with our SALVATION? HE brings us under conviction of SIN and shows us our need of a SAVIOUR. True 
6. In relationship to the Believer, where does the HOLY SPIRIT dwell? Around us 
Over us 
In us
7. We are Baptized into the Body of CHRIST and receive the HOLY SPIRIT when we accept JESUS CHRIST as our Personal SAVIOUR. True 
8. We grieve and quench the HOLY SPIRIT when we do not live a CHRIST-like life. True 
9. What is the "Unpardonable Sin"? Being evil 
Cursing and swearing 
Rejecting CHRIST'S Salvation unto Death
10. Mark 3 "Fruits" of the SPIRIT which a Christian should manifest. Love 
11. How many Christians receive a "Gift" or "Gifts" of the HOLY SPIRIT? Only a few 
Every Christian
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