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Lesson 10 -- Being "Born Again" -- Test
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 Questions to Lesson Ten.

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1. What does the term "Born Again" mean? Being Spiritually born into GOD'S family. TRUE 
2. How is One "Born Again"? By being good 
By going to Church 
B y receiving Jesus Christ as your personal SAVIOR and being born into God's family .
3. Can anyone get to Heaven without being "Born Again"? Yes 
4. The Physical birth parallels the Spiritual birth in many ways. True 
5. Are you "Born Again"? How do you know? Yes 
6. Do you remember the date of your Spiritual birthday? If not, and you are really Saved, don't fret about it; GOD has it written down in the "LAMB'S Book of Life." Do you need to know the date and time of your Spiritual birthday in order to be saved? Yes 
Were You Born Again While Studying This Lesson?
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