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I am now going to try to picture for you in words the likeness between the physical birth and the spiritual birth. 

1.  PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ It is absolutely necessary for the male sperm (seed) be planted in the mother's womb before the miracle of a new life begins to grow. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ The seed (the Word of God) must be planted in the human heart before the spiritual ­ "germ" of life can begin to grow. 
2. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ The Mother carries the unborn child under her heart for 9 long months, and makes preparation for the birth of her child. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ Before the foundation of the world, God loved us. For centuries he planned for our Spiritual birth into His eternal family. 
3. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ Through physical pain, blood, tears, long hours of labor, and sometimes death, a Mother gives Physical Birth. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ On the cross Christ took our sins upon Himself. Shed His precious blood (They pierced His side and out came blood and water.") His dying shout was "It is finished". 
4. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ When the physical baby enters into the world, the baby must cry. That cry starts the breathing cycle that will continue throughout life. If for some reason the doctor cannot get the breathing started the baby is dead.
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ Spiritually, we are all dead in trespasses and sins, but when we cry out, "God be merciful to me a sinner and save me for Jesus sake." That cry starts our Spiritual breathing. We are born into the family of God. 
5. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ After the birth, the baby is washed in a little warm water or olive oil. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ The new baby Christian has been washed clean in the blood of Christ. 
6. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ The baby is clothed with warm soft garments prepared before hand by the mother. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ The Christian baby is clothed with the righteousness of Christ. 
7. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ The baby is named. The first name is a matter of choice, but always, the last name is the same as the father's last name. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ We also receive a new name: Christian ­ Christ-ian, or Christ's little one. 
8. PHYSICAL BIRTH ­ It is a legal must that the baby's name - Time of birth, etc. be recorded by the government, thereby receives a birth certificate. 
SPIRITUAL BIRTH ­ The new Christian's name and record of spiritual birth is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. (Rev. 20:15). 

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